Feeling, Expressed in Light

FOMEX Light System with leading-edge technology




In studio, may use strong light than the Sun. Abundant lighting intensity is good to make high quality detail shooting but too strong light can be make your photo shoot to difficult. Peri Bounce Sundiffuser control quantity of light and also cut off unnecessary the light of the Sun when your outdoor shooting.

Convenient and Effective Use
Peri Bounce Sundiffuser designed small size for user’s transportability with easy and fast use for your shooting condition.



Main function of Peri Bounce Sun Diffuser

Lightness and Durability

The use of reflector in shooting location should be easy.

Easy to carry, easy to use and have a sturdy durability. Specially designed aluminum frame of Peri Bounce Sun Diffuser provides excellent durability and lightness to be used in any photographing environment.
Elastic cord within Frame

For quick and easy assembly, Elastic cord within the frame enables users for easy assembly and prevents the loss of items when dismantling.

Easy to Use

Peri Bounce Sundiffuser has adjustable frame reflector for easy use that users can handle by themselves. By removing its boom stick,it can be installed to stand for easy use.

Simple and Special Bag

Peri Bounce Sundiffuer has a special bag to simplify carry and storage. This bag can store all components of Peri Bounce Sundiffuer and help to prevent the loss of each item and to make easy to keep them.

PSD Series Specification

Model PSD1317
Frame Size 1.3 m x 1.7 m (51 x 67 inch)
Weight 1.9 kg (4.2 lb) - excluding bag
Fabric Color Diffuser
Configuration 1xFrame, 2xRod, 1xboom Stick, 1xConnecting Clamp, 1xbag, 1xFabric