All parts of FOMEX flash light

are designed for high-quality and durability. The design of the products
eliminates unnecessary elements that can interfere with productivity.




■ Features
Speed ring for MULTIBLITZ



1. Light & strong Aluminum frame

2. Just screwing 3 Bolts & 1 Stopper allows quick mounting or replacing of an adapter onto this speedring.
Fixing the stopper with 2 fingers holding the speedring from rotating

3. Marked pole positions of each softbox

A special foldable pole path helps assembling or disassembling a softbox.

Raise the pole path 90° vertically to the frame, and insert the final pole into it.

Then push the last pole 180° horizontally.

Until the pole cap bottom pops into the inner hole thoroughly.

(Detail View)

Just screwing 1 stopper allows quick mounting or replacing 

of an adapter onto this speedring.

■ Speed Rings for Soft Box